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Flying Fish Events

Pacific Coast Fishing Trip

WHEN: Sunday, June 10th, Sunrise-???
WHERE: Garibaldi Charters, Garibaldi, OR 
WHO: You and us and some long lines in the ocean
WHAT: Let's go fishing in the ocean! Once again we'll set sail with Garibaldi Charters for a near-shore trip targeting Lingcod and Rockfish, and we'll toss some Crab traps out too. Smoked salmon appetizers will be provided by Flying Fish Company. PLEASE NOTE: you'll need an Oregon fishing license and shellfish permit. $130 per person.
SORRY, SOLD OUT! Stay tuned for next trip.

Bristol Bay Fish Filleting Class

WHEN: Friday, July 6th, 10am–12pm
WHERE: Flying Fish at Providore Fine Foods, 2340 NE Sandy Blvd 
WHO: You and us and some gorgeous fish from an important but threatened homeland
WHAT: This hands-on class will teach you how to fillet a salmon and the cost includes your fish to fillet, then take home and cook! The salmon will be wild Alaska Bristol Bay sockeye salmon—approximately four pounds. Learn how to fillet salmon and take home the proceeds! You will also learn how to utilize all the parts of the fish, including collars, trim, and bones. $75 per person.

Knife & Plate Skills Class

WHEN: Monday, July 23rd, 7–9:15pm
WHERE: Flying Fish at Providore Fine Foods, 2340 NE Sandy Blvd 
WHO: Chef Andre Uribe, executive chef of Willamette University's Bon Appetit company
WHAT: This hands-on class will teach you the fundamental knife skills for cooking and presenting beautiful plates. Chef Andre will transform your knife skills for the beginner or intermediate cook. Basic plate presentation techniques will also be discussed. $50 per person - snacks included. 

Sushi Class

WHEN: Sunday, August 5th, 7–9:15pm
WHERE: Flying Fish at Providore Fine Foods, 2340 NE Sandy Blvd 
WHO: You and us and Professor Kevin Trinh of Hook and Line Sushi
WHAT: Fresh ingredients - sushi rice & vinegar, nori rolls, and of course, the best fish in Portland -- with a couple saké drinks included for good measure. Lyf from Flying Fish and Kevin from Hook and Line Sushi will cheer you on and you'll walk away with sushi know-how and a full belly. $65 per person - you eat what you roll!

Taylor Shellfish Oyster Farm Tour

WHEN: Friday, September 7th, 12–4pm
WHERE: Taylor Shellfish, 130 SE Lynch Rd, Shelton, WA 
WHO: You and us and the legendary producers and purveyors of the finest oysters 
WHAT: Meet us in in the deepest reach of the Puget Sound for a firsthand look at one of the finest names in oysters. We'll meet at Taylor Shellfish and get a hands on tour of their operations, then head down to the beach and tour their grow site while slurping their finest oysters and steaming up some clams! Some alcoholic beverages will be provided. Only $25 per person! Kids welcome.

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