Seafood - Sustainable, Responsible, and Delicious

Sustainable Seafood

Fresh and Flash Frozen Seafood and Sushi Products
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A ride out to sea in search of Albacore with Opportunity Fishing

Meats and Eggs - Hormone Free, Antibiotic Free, and Locally Raised

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A visit to our friends at Rainshadow El Rancho

Grass Fed is always 100 % Grass Fed - Never Grain Finished

Grass Fed Beef

Top Sirloin, NY, London Broil, Ribeye, Sirloin tip, Flat-iron, Tenderloin,  Roasts, Stew meat, Kabob meat, short ribs, and Ground


Grass Fed Lamb

Loin Chops, Tenderloin, Rib chops, French Rack of Lamb, Ground, Boneless Netted Leg, Stew Meat, Kabob meat, and Shank


Grass Fed Buffalo

Boneless Chops, Baby back Ribs, Ground, and Stew meat

Pastured Pork

Boneless Chops, Baby back Ribs


Grass Fed Elk

Top Sirloin, Ground, Stew meat


Ground, 4 Bone Rack, Flank Steak, and Stew Meat


Local Goat

Ground, Chops, Shank, and Kabob meat

Local Sausages - Locally Raised Pork, Goat, Lamb, and Beef

Smoked Polish, Sweet Italian, Bratwurst, Goat Breakfast Links, Lamb Bacon, Hot Dogs- nitrate free, Goat Summer Sausage

Pastured Chicken

Fresh, Local

Local Farm Eggs - Chicken and Duck

Fresh, Free Range, Organic Feed, Hormone Free, Antibiotic Free, Local Small Farm

Additional varieties and cuts available with 1 week notice please.

Other Specialty Products

Frog Eyes Wasabi 

Fresh, Local, Sustainable, Real Root 


Moonbrine Pickles

Naturally fermented, local (although the label still says Boston, the owner Stu now lives in Portland)

Willamette Valley Cheese

Big assortment from raw cheddar to creamy havarti


Jacobs Creamery

Hand churned butter, Artisan cheese


Aardvark Hot Sauce

Local, Awesome, Addicting!


Rub with Love Seasonings

Perfect blend of spices - from Seattle


Avocado Oil
Delicious, Healthy, and perfect for cooking. Roasted garlic, key lime, & original.


Also Available
Oyster Knives, Crab Crackers, Cocktail sauce, Panko Breadcrumbs