Locally Owned. Committed to Sustainability and Knowing our Sources.

That's how Flying Fish has operated since we opened in Sandpoint, Idaho in 1979. We're in our eighth year in Portland, with seafood from local fishermen and women, meat from local family farms, and non-local options from only trusted, reputable sources.

We're happy to be a part of the community at Providore Fine Foods in Northeast Portland.

Thank you for your support!

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Sustainable seafood, grass-fed beef, lamb, buffalo, and elk. Local farm eggs. Local chicken. Real wasabi and more!

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Providore Fine Foods, 2340 NE Sandy Blvd, 971-806-6747

Flying Fish & The Meat Monger: 9:30am - 8pm, every day

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Current Fresh List ~ August 16 - 23 or so

* = Sushi grade

*** FRESH FISH ***

• Accurate as of 8/16

Oregon/Washington Albacore* $$$

Day boat tuna is HERE

King/Chinook Salmon $$$

Wild, Columbia River (OR)

King/Chinook Salmon $$$

Wild, Pacific Ocean (OR)

Ocean Coho Salmon $$$

Wild, Alaska

Ocean Sockeye Salmon $$$

Wild, Alaska

King/Chinook Salmon $$$

Sustainable farm-raised, Ora King NZ

Pacific Halibut $$$

Wild, Alaska, big flaky fillets & sweet tender cheeks

Lingcod $$$

Wild, Oregon, nice and mild

Hawaii Bigeye Ahi Tuna* $$$

The classic, always in stock

Hawaii Escolar* $$$

AKA Walu, super rich

Oregon Rockfish $$$

Chunky fillets

Sardines $$

Back for the first time in ages!

Washington Steelhead $$

Melts in your mouth. Sustainably raised

Rainbow Trout $$

Vegetarian fed, McFarland Farms, California

Mediterranean Branzino $$$

Whole fish, 1 lb apiece, from Greece


• Accurate as of 8/16

Dungeness Crab Meat $$

Local, cooked and picked, ready to eat

Mediterranean Mussels $

Actually grown in Puget Sound, go figure

Atlantic Scallops* $$$

Dry pack, chemical free (Massachusetts)

Manila Clams $


Savory Clams $


Little Neck Clams $



• Accurate as of 8/16 - always rotating varieties, inquire within

  • Wellfleet (MA)
  • Island Creek (MA)
  • Willapa Bay (WA)
  • Kokus (WA)
  • Fat Bastard (WA)
  • Virginica(WA)
  • Kusshi (WA)
  • Olympia (WA)
  • Shigoku (WA)
  • Kumamoto (WA)
  • Disco Hama (WA)
  • Eld Inlet (WA)
  • Summerstone (WA)
  • Steamboat (WA)

*** FRESH MEAT ***

* Lots of cuts from lots of sources, read below or stop in for latest

- Fresh Pork:

  • Tails & Trotters - Portland, OR
  • Carman Ranch - Wallowa Valley, OR

- Fresh Beef:

  • Painted Hills - John Day, OR
  • Carman Ranch - Wallowa Valley, OR
  • Laney Family Farms - Canby, OR

- Fresh Chicken:

  • Marion Acres - Hillsboro, OR
  • Totum Farm - Philomath, OR

- Fresh Lamb:

  • Reister Farms - Washougal, WA

- Fresh Eggs:

  • Chicken Scratch - chicken eggs
  • Stones Throw - duck eggs
  • North Coast - quail eggs

- House-made Meat Products:

  • Sausage links
  • Sausage bulk
  • Ground beef bulk
  • Meatballs
  • Etc.

And lots more fish and meat in the freezer.


Here we see Chef Andre plotting and plating, prepping and planning. What's he planning? Oh, just an eight-course dinner as a nod to his homeland Colombia - land of Andean peaks, rich coffee, white sands, and exquisite cuisine to inspire Andre and Chef Trever, sous chef up on the 15th floor at Departure. Andre, Trever, and Flying Fish invite you on Thursday, August 29th for this special Popup Colombian Dinner. It's $100 for this special feast - seatings at 5pmand 8pm. Seats are limited so don't snooze.

* * *

Also! New event alert: Flying Fish Fridays are about to be a THING at the new Alter Ego Taphouse on SE 7th. Starting on August 30th, we'll be shuckin' and pokin' 4-8pm on August 30, September 6, and September 20. Check it out HERE, then join us there for oysters, poké, and a pairing of Alter Ego Ciders and/or Helioterra Wines. Sounds like a fine time, dunnit?


Look at all that briny happiness. You too can dial in that kind of happiness every weekday when you can can take 50¢ off all oysters, 3-5pm. Two-hour happy hour not enough for ya? Fine. How about Happy Tuesday? Same deal, but all day. Here at Flying Fish Oyster Bar, we just want you to be happy. And if those offers are still not enough to highlight your happiness, allow us to share this spread of fourteen fresh oysters on the half shell (or to go), starting with the East Coast standard, imported from beautiful Cape Cod.


  • Wellfleet (MA)
  • Island Creek (MA)
  • Willapa Bay (WA)
  • Kokus (WA)
  • Fat Bastard (WA)
  • Virginica(WA)
  • Kusshi (WA)
  • Olympia (WA)
  • Shigoku (WA)
  • Kumamoto (WA)
  • Disco Hama (WA)
  • Eld Inlet (WA)
  • Summerstone (WA)
  • Steamboat (WA)

Fourteen! (As of this writing! Subject to change!) That's a pretty decent spread if we say so, from Mass to Wash, MA to WA. Ma Ma Wa Wa. Woop woop.

Menu menu - don't forget the rest of the menu! Ceviche (rockfish or scallops) and Lomi Lomi (Ora King Salmon) are the stars of the moment, but the menu moves and grooves, shakes and bakes, and it makes the most of what's in season. Albacore Tuna Poké? Smoked Black Cod Platter? Clam Chowdah? Chances are. Inquire within - pull up a barstool and feast your eyes on the blackboard.

And don't forget to fill your reusable bag with gift-y items like cedar planks, cookbooks, hot sauces, and a nice variety of things you'll find in a food shop like ours. Woop woop.


Have we mentioned Oregon Albacore is in season? (PS Save Bristol Bay! No Pebble Mine!)

There he is, Lyf Gildersleeve, the Cap'n himself. You can see why he's smiling. Tre-Fin just done delivered the freshies - Albacore Tuna caught via hook & line on a day boat outta Ilwaco, bled and iced on the boat, brought to us to bring to you. How would you like it? Thick sliced tuna steaks for your grill? Check. A slab of loin to make nigiri at home? Check - we've got your rice and wasabi too. A whole mess of it to can for a mid-winter dinner? We can do that too - ask Lyf for canning instructions (or if you want to really put the pressure on, ask him to host another canning class, oh oh!).

It's Albacore Tuna, it's in season, and yes we're beating the drum every week because it's FRESH LOCAL ALBACORE. It's tops on this trio of sushi-grade goodness.


  • Albacore Tuna* - wild, Pacific Ocean (Oregon/Washington)
  • Bigeye Ahi Tuna* - wild, Hawaii
  • Escolar/Walu* - wild, Hawaii

* - Sushi grade


I've got to admit, it's getting butter

This fish transition serves two purposes: to move into this week's fresh selections from the salmon family and to encourage you to join us on social media if you've not already. (FB * IG.)

We've got Being Here Bias, sure, but we think we've built quite a team - a quality feed, if you will. Natalie's photos, Matthew's style, Andre's prep, Lyf's fish and Cobb's amazing pottery... and now we're doling out recipes in real time. The recipe above is big hunka Chinook Salmon, butter, salt. There ya go.

Now that we've said all that, let's say all the salmon fishes! Here they go, they're good ones.


  • Chinook/King Salmon - wild, Columbia River, tribal caught
  • Chinook/King Salmon - wild, Pacific Ocean (Oregon), troll caught
  • Chinook/King Salmon - sustainable farm-raised, Ora King Salmon, New Zealand
  • Coho Salmon - wild, Alaska
  • Sockeye Salmon - wild, Alaska
  • Steelhead - sustainable farm-raised, Okanogan Highlands, Washington
  • Rainbow Trout - sustainable farm-raised, McFarland Springs, California


Once again, Nat-Matt

Like we were saying just above... You don't need to dig too deep for culinary inspiration here. That green curry pairs fresh summer veggies and peppers with Oregon Rockfish, cubed, pan seared, and tossed in the mix just before serving so that you still get that sear crunch on the outside but slathered in green curry goo. Gahhhhh.

Rockfish leads the rest of the fresh fish charge, but it's worth noting here too that Sardines are back! First time in going on a year. We recommend Portugese style.


  • Rockfish - wild, Oregon
  • Sardines - wild, California
  • Pacific Halibut - wild, Alaska, fillets and cheeks
  • Lingcod - wild, Oregon
  • Branzino - sustainable farm-raised, Greece


To circle back up top for a second - we probably shoulda mentioned the Little Neck Clams (NOT pictured - those are Manilas). They're sailing west on the same ship as the Wellfleets and are arguably every bit as New England. And we've got em - order some with your oysters, or watch them lead this list of shellfish freshness in the shop right now.


  • Little Neck Clams - sustainable farm-raised, Massachusetts
  • Manila Clams - sustainable farm-raised, Washington
  • Savory Clams - sustainable farm-raised, Washington
  • Atlantic Scallops - wild, Massachusetts
  • Dungeness Crab Meat - wild, OR/WA, cooked and picked

And a final note before turning it over to the meats: we've got a ton more to choose from in the freezer. Pop yer head in, see whatcha fancy.


Oh no! You're gonna need an extra napkin, chappies and lassies - that over easy egg is doing its job, gooing on down the side of that Lamb Burger and down your chin. Oopsie, it's a perfect mess - as it should be.

Ground Lamb is one of the constants from our friends at Reister Farms, the third generation family farm across the river in Washington. Lamb Chops come and go, and right now, they've come. These are the ovine products leading this week's list of carnivorous freshness.


Cuts may vary. Inquire within.

LAMB - Reister Farms - Washougal, WA

  • Ground lamb
  • Lamb chops

CHICKEN - Marion Acres - Hillsboro, OR - Pasture raised, Non-GMO

  • Whole bird
  • Breasts
  • Thighs
  • Livers

BEEF - Carman Ranch - Wallowa Valley, OR

  • Bavette
  • Coulotte
  • New York strip
  • Flank

BEEF - Painted Hills Natural Beef - John Day, OR

  • Ribeye - cowboy cut (bone in)
  • Ribeye - boneless

BEEF - Laney Family Farms - Canby, OR

  • Flat iron
  • Tri-tip
  • Ground beef

PORK - Tails & Trotters - Portland, OR

  • Shoulder roast
  • Bone-in pork chops
  • Coppa steaks


Typical and necessary disclaimer!

1) All of the above is just this week's freshness. Check the freezer for even more fishes and meats!

2) This email was accurate at the time of its weekly(ish) writing. Some products come and go quicker than others, so for best results on the freshness, follow us on the social medias: Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. And tag us in your Instagram pics @flyingfishpdx - we love seeing your food pics!


Lyf Gildersleeve and the Flying Fish Team: CJ, Ryan, Andre, Kevin, Scott, Charles and Brad

* * *


@littlezestypdx likes oysters. @littlezestypdx takes pics of food. @littlezestypdx likes and takes pics of Flying Fish Oyster Bar oysters. Thanks Rachelle!


Craig Gildersleeve opened Flying Fish Company in Sandpoint, Idaho in 1979 - the year before his son Lyf was born. Lyf, president of Flying Fish Company, has spent his entire life around fish, including an aquaculture education at the Harbor Branch Oceanographic Institute at Florida Atlantic University.

Flying Fish has four locations: Sandpoint, Idaho; Durango, Colorado; Park City, Utah; and Portland, Oregon. The Portland location opened in 2009 as a food cart at the D Street pod on Division Street. In 2011, we opened the fish shack on Hawthorne Boulevard. In 2016, we joined forces with our friends at Providore Fine Foods on Sandy Boulevard, and in 2017, we moved all our operations there. One location, one family, everything you need.

* * *

Thank you for supporting our family-owned business.

- Lyf, Natalie, Juniper, and Miles Gildersleeve

* * *

PHOTO BY NATALIE GILDERSLEEVE PHOTOGRAPHY: Miles (standing) and Hazel (swimming), indefatigable.


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