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In 2020, we'll open a new, standalone, brick-and-mortar Flying Fish Market, Oyster Bar, and Restaurant - yes, restaurant! - just around the corner at 30th & Burnside. Check out our press section for recent news stories, and help us get there by chipping in a Kiva Loan - it helps us now and you get your money back.

Check out this video by our man Nate Murray at Sound Theory Productions for an intro...

Welcome to Flying Fish Company

Sustainable seafood, grass-fed beef, lamb, buffalo, and elk. Local farm eggs. Local chicken. Real wasabi and more!

Location and Hours

Providore Fine Foods, 2340 NE Sandy Blvd, 971-806-6747

Flying Fish & The Meat Monger: 9:30am - 8pm, every day

Flying Fish Oyster Bar: 12pm - 8pm, every day

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Current Fresh List ~ December 6 - 13 or so

* = Sushi grade

*** FRESH FISH ***

• Accurate as of 12/6

King/Chinook Salmon $$$

Sustainable farm-raised, Ora King NZ

Hawaii Bigeye Ahi Tuna* $$$

The classic, always in stock

Hawaii Tombo* $$$

Albacore Tuna, always in season in Hawaii

Hawaii Kampachi* $$$

The good stuff, Hawaiian made for Hawaiian tastes

Hawaii Escolar* $$$

AKA Walu, AKA Butterfish

Petrale Sole $$$

Mild, nutty, best, OR

Lingcod $$$

Hunky, chunky, OR

Rockfish $$$

Oregon's best fish & chips

Black Cod/Sablefish $$$

Rich & delish, Oregon

Washington Steelhead $$

Melts in your mouth. Sustainably raised

Rainbow Trout $$

Vegetarian fed, McFarland Farms, California

Mediterranean Branzino $$$

Whole fish, 1 lb apiece, from Greece


• Accurate as of 12/6

Dungeness Crab Meat $$

Local, cooked and picked, ready to eat

Mediterranean Mussels $

Actually grown in Puget Sound, go figure

Atlantic Scallops* $$$

Dry pack, chemical free (Massachusetts)

Manila Clams $


Squid $$$

Wild, California


• Accurate as of 12/6

  • East Coast (Maine)
  • Netarts (Oregon)
  • Kokus (Washington)
  • Los Rucos (Washington)
  • Tidepoint (Washington)
  • Baywater Sweet (Washington)
  • Olympia (Washington)
  • Kumamoto (Washington)
  • Shigoku (Washington)
  • Virginica (Washington)
  • Fat Bastard (Washington)
  • Totten Inlet (Washington)

*** FRESH MEAT ***

* Lots of cuts from lots of sources, read below or stop in for latest

- Fresh Pork:

  • Tails & Trotters - Portland, OR
  • Carman Ranch - Wallowa Valley, OR

- Fresh Beef:

  • Painted Hills - John Day, OR
  • Carman Ranch - Wallowa Valley, OR
  • Laney Family Farms - Canby, OR

- Fresh Chicken:

  • Marion Acres - Hillsboro, OR
  • Totum Farm - Philomath, OR

- Fresh Lamb:

  • Reister Farms - Washougal, WA

- Fresh Eggs:

  • Chicken Scratch - chicken eggs
  • Stones Throw - duck eggs
  • North Coast - quail eggs

- House-made Meat Products:

  • Sausage links
  • Sausage bulk
  • Ground beef bulk
  • Meatballs
  • Etc.

And lots more fish and meat in the freezer.


As in updates that move ya, baby - that put the spice in your spicy chai. As in, events that are happenin' - be there or be ▢, daddio.

Pictured at right: the state of things at they are at the BRAND NEW FLYING FISH MARKET, OYSTER BAR & RESTAURANT! Renovation is fast tracking at 3004 East Burnside for an opening in early 2020, with some events already lined up in the bullet list below. You can help us get there even quicker - and get your money back once we're up and running. Our Kiva Loan is officially live HERE. And if you'd just like to make a donation, our GoFundMe for the move is HERE.

Thank you, thank you, thank you for all your support as we grow.

Now then! Some important related events happening...


  • NEW MENU SAMPLER POPUP DINNER: A week from tomorrow, help us say farewell to Providore (our last day here is Tuesday, December 31st) and get a taste of the new spot. We'll sample the new menu with fish & chips, clam chowder, curried mussels, grilled oysters, fish tacos, and more. It's $60 for this seafood smorgasbord - save your spot for the 4pm seating HERE; and if 6:30pm is better for you, save your spot HERE.
  • FUNDRAISER DINNER @ NEW LOCATION: And if you'd prefer to try new things in new places, we can dig that too. On Saturday, January 11th, 6-9pm at the new spot, we'll have samples of the new menu, live music, raffle prizes and more. A $20 donation is suggested. Info & signup HERE.
  • RETURN OF FLYING FISH SUSHI CLASS!!! This one gets three exclamation points (chk! chk! chk!) for this is moving news. We are thrilled to announce the first Flying Fish Sushi Class at the new location. Chef Kevin Trinh of Hook & Line Sushi Catering is back at the helm, and Flying Fish's own Erik Englund joins him for an evening of proper sushi training - and eating, since you'll eat what you roll. It's a Flying Fish classic and it makes its Burnside debut Saturday January 11th at 5pm. And, new for 2020, kids pricing available! $75 for adults, $60 for youth. Details and signup HERE.



Brown butter 'but. Pic by Natalie Gildersleeve,

style by Matthew Wilder

Buuut with the understanding that we're gonna start with some R&D on the new place. That photo at right, from Natalie's viewfinder and Matthew's style guide, sees a little brown butter, capers, and lemon sauce poured straight from the skillet to the halibut. Fresh Alaska Halibut season has passed, but we've got plenty of it in the freezer, and you know what? You can easily swap in some locally caught freshies for the same delightful end result: Oregon Rockfish and Lingcod will do the trick, but if you want to push your tastebuds even further, try a fillet of Black Cod (Sablefish), brushed with butter and sprinkled with salt, in the broiler for, like, 8 minutes. Then pour that goodness overtop. Mm. Hmm.

These white fishes lead this week's freshness, happening NOW.


  • Rockfish - wild, Pacific Ocean (Oregon) - whole fish and fillets
  • Lingcod - wild, Pacific Ocean (Oregon)
  • Petrale Sole - wild, Pacific Ocean (Oregon)
  • Black Cod/Sablefish - wild, Pacific Ocean (Oregon)
  • King/Chinook Salmon - sustainable farm-raised, Ora King Salmon, New Zealand
  • Steelhead - sustainable farm-raised, Washington
  • Rainbow Trout - sustainable farm-raised, McFarland Springs, California - whole fish
  • Branzino - sustainable farm-raised, Greece - whole fish

As mentioned in the section above, we're stoked for the return of Flying Fish Sushi Class. But y'know, you don't need to wait till January - have your own private Flying Fish Sushi Class with a round of mai tais, for we've got four sushi-ready fishes, all from Hawaii.


  • Bigeye Ahi Tuna* - wild, Pacific Ocean (Hawaii)
  • Tombo (Albacore Tuna)* - wild, Pacific Ocean (Hawaii)
  • Kampachi* - sustainable farm-raised, Hawaii
  • Escolar/Walu* - wild, Pacific Ocean Hawaii)

* - Sushi Grade Fish, as noted above

One more note about our house fishes before moving on to house shellfishes. We've got selections of our popular family recipe smoked fishes: Washington Steelhead and Alaska Coho Salmon are each currently available in vacuumed packages to go, just cut it open and eat it. Or use it at the centerpiece of tomorrow's smoked steely hash breakfast, both options work.

* * *

Once again, Nat-Matt.

Now then, cue another gratuitously lovely Nat-Matt photo for this shellfish section break. What we have here is a pan of caramelized apples with white wine and butter to go with some sizzlin' scallops from the East Coast. Scallops, the ones up first on the fresh shellfish list.


  • Atlantic Scallops - wild, Atlantic Ocean (Massachusetts)
  • Manila Clams - sustainable farm-raised, Washington
  • Mediterranean Mussels - sustainable farm-raised, Washington
  • Dungeness Crab Meat - wild, OR/WA - cooked and picked, ready to eat
  • Squid - wild, Pacific Ocean (California)

* * *

And now, the namesake of the Flying Fish Oyster Bar. As of this writing, a dirty clean dozen Pacific Northwest Oysters for shuckin' and slurpin' on down, in our house on in yours. Here they go, right here!

FRESH OYSTERS LIST (subject to change, obvs)

  • Yep, that's a Nat-Matt.
  • Netarts (Oregon)
  • Kokus (Washington)
  • Los Rucos (Washington)
  • Tidepoint (Washington)
  • Hama Hama (Washington)
  • Aphrodite (Washington)
  • Kumamoto (Washington)
  • Shigoku (Washington)
  • Virginica (Washington)
  • Fat Bastard (Washington)
  • Tidepoint (Washington)
  • Kusshi (British Columbia)

* * *

And here we are at last with the carnivores. These fresh meats will take us on home, and this week, we're leading off with Fresh Lamb from our pals at Reister Farms, raising their sheep responsibly at pasture for 60+ years over in Washougal, Washington. Specifically, we're gonna lead with their boneless netted leg of lamb, the real deal done the right way. Check out this recipe from So Damn Delish for one mouthwatering take on the cut, with oils, herbs, and garlic.


(cuts subject to change, inquire within)

NOT a Nat-Matt, but a pic from the recommend recipe for boneless netted leg of lamb from So Damn Delish

FRESH LAMB - Reister Farms - Washougal, WA

  • Boneless netted leg
  • Leg steaks
  • Loin chops
  • Ground lamb

FRESH PORK - Tails & Trotters - Portland, OR

  • Bone-in pork chops
  • Ground pork
  • Coppa roast
  • Tenderloin


  • Short ribs
  • Bavette

FRESH PASTURE-RAISED BEEF - Painted Hills Natural Beef - John Day, OR

  • Bone-in cowboy cut ribeye
  • Boneless ribeye


  • Flat iron
  • Tri-tip
  • Ground beef
  • Hanger steak

FRESH CHICKEN - Mary's Free Range Chicken - Pitman, CA

  • Whole bird
  • Parts (breasts, thighs, legs, wings, etc)

* * *

That's it! Fresh fish, fresh shellfish, fresh oysters, fresh meat. We made it! YOU made it! All this food plus catering and gift cards.

  • FLYING FISH CATERING: It is A Thing. We'll bring oysters, smoked fishes, chowders - whatever your holiday party needs, we'll bring it. Contact Lyf at or 503-260-6552 for more info.
  • GIFT CARDS TOO: Any amount you like. If your loved ones like fish, shellfish, oysters, meat, and related accessories, this is an easy gift for birthdays, stocking stuffers... I mean, you could give it to your loved one for Thanksgiving too if you really want, we won't judge. Order one HERE.


Typical and necessary disclaimer!

1) All of the above is just this week's freshness. Check the freezer for even more fishes and meats!

2) This email was accurate at the time of its weekly(ish) writing. Some products come and go quicker than others, so for best results on the freshness, follow us on the social medias: Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. And tag us in your Instagram pics @flyingfishpdx - we love seeing your food pics!


Lyf Gildersleeve and the Flying Fish Team: CJ, Ryan, Andre, Kevin, Scott, Charles and Brad

* * *


Thanksgiving is what you make it, @julesyx, and what you made it is a work of art - on a @cobbhoelzer work of art at that.


Craig Gildersleeve opened Flying Fish Company in Sandpoint, Idaho in 1979 - the year before his son Lyf was born. Lyf, president of Flying Fish Company, has spent his entire life around fish, including an aquaculture education at the Harbor Branch Oceanographic Institute at Florida Atlantic University.

Flying Fish has four locations: Sandpoint, Idaho; Durango, Colorado; Park City, Utah; and Portland, Oregon. The Portland location opened in 2009 as a food cart at the D Street pod on Division Street. In 2011, we opened the fish shack on Hawthorne Boulevard. In 2016, we joined forces with our friends at Providore Fine Foods on Sandy Boulevard, and in 2017, we moved all our operations there. One location, one family, everything you need.

* * *

Thank you for supporting our family-owned business.

- Lyf, Natalie, Juniper, and Miles Gildersleeve

* * *

PHOTO BY NATALIE GILDERSLEEVE PHOTOGRAPHY: ... and people say we monkey around.


2340 NE Sandy Blvd * Portland, Oregon 97232 * 971-806-6747 * *