Locally Owned. Committed to Sustainability and Knowing our Sources.

That's how Flying Fish has operated since we opened in Sandpoint, Idaho in 1979. We're in our eighth year in Portland, with seafood from local fishermen and women, meat from local family farms, and non-local options from only trusted, reputable sources.

We're happy to be a part of the community at Providore Fine Foods in Northeast Portland.

Thank you for your support!

Welcome to Flying Fish Company

Sustainable seafood, grass-fed beef, lamb, buffalo, and elk. Local farm eggs. Local chicken. Real wasabi and more!

Location and Hours

Providore Fine Foods, 2340 NE Sandy Blvd, 971-806-6747

Flying Fish & The Meat Monger: 9:30am - 8pm, every day

Flying Fish Oyster Bar: 12pm - 8pm, every day

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Current Fresh List ~ December 7 - 14

* = Sushi grade

Creative King/Chinook Salmon $$$

Certified organic farm, Canada

ORA King/Chinook Salmon $$$

Sustainable farm-raised, New Zealand

Hawaii Swordfish* $$$

Raw or cooked, AOK

Hawaii Bigeye Ahi Tuna* $$$

Cherry red flesh, deep tuna flavor

Hawaii Tombo* $$$

Wild Albacore Tuna from the deep blue Pacific

Alaska True Cod $$$

Fish & chips time

Oregon Petrale Sole $$$

A little mild, a little nutty

Oregon Rockfish $$$

Hunky chunky

Oregon Black Cod/Sablefish $$$

Silky silky smooth

Oregon Dungeness Crab Meat $$$

Precooked and picked

California Dungeness Crab $$$

Whole, cooked

Washington Steelhead $$

Melts in your mouth. Sustainably raised

Manila Clams $


Savory Clams $


Mediterranean Mussels $

Actually grown in Puget Sound, go figure

Atlantic Scallops* $$$

Dry pack, chemical free (Massachusetts)

Mediterranean Branzino $$$

Whole fish, 1 lb apiece, from Greece


Always changing, read below, call ahead or just stop by

Plus TONS OF MEAT, lots of cuts

- Fresh Pork:

  • Tails & Trotters - Portland, OR

- Fresh Beef:

  • Painted Hills - John Day, OR
  • Carman Ranch - Wallowa Valley, OR
  • Laney Family Farms - Canby, OR

- Fresh Chicken:

  • Marion Acres - Hillsboro, OR
  • Totum Farm - Philomath, OR

- Fresh Lamb:

  • Reister Farms - Washougal, WA

- Fresh Eggs:

  • Chicken Scratch - chicken eggs
  • Stones Throw - duck eggs
  • North Coast - quail eggs

- House-made Meat Products:

  • Sausage links
  • Sausage bulk
  • Ground beef bulk
  • Meatballs
  • Etc.

And lots more fish and meat in the freezer.



Yo, this joint is tomorrow! Eat Oregon Now is the go-to Holiday Marketplace for food, drink, and jolly good merriment, and Flying Fish will be there. We'll have our family recipe smoked fishes for stocking stuffers (although we'd recommend refrigerating the fish until the night before xmas, nahmean?), and our buds from Tre-Fin Tuna will be there with CSF info. All the respectable food and drink people - see the lineup HERE - will be there. That's coming TOMORROW, Sunday, December 9th, 10am-5pm at the Leftbank Annex (101 N Weidler St)

* * *


A quick and easy holiday reminder: we cater! Let us bring the fishes and the dishes, let us bring the oysters, and friend, let us shuck them. Let us. Shuck them.

Call 503-260-6552 or email info@flyingfishcompany.com to discuss.

* * *


Another quick and easy reminder: with enough notice, we oughta be able to handle most of your special orders. (Please note: use your Monterey Bay Aquarium Seafood Watch app to check if it's socially acceptable to order the fish you want. It gets a little awkward when people ask us for Orange-Footed Sea Cucumbers from New Brunswick, Canada, which is clearly on Seafood Watch's Avoid List.) Once you're confident that we won't judge you on your order (probably), smash that Google Form and place your order. A bunch of stuff is auto-filled for you to choose from.

* * *


Here is a paragraph with no urgently useful information, but you can put it in your back pocket and think about it later. We're working out the final details of the January cooking class series with Chef Andre as we speak. Signups should be available by next email. Follow us on the Book of Faces to find out sooner.



Enjoy the weather today, because starting tomorrow, it's gonna rain forever. (But you're welcome to enjoy that too, as you have the proper gear for it like a proper Portland big boy and girl.) What we're getting at: the wet Pacific Northwest forecast calls for one thing: CIOPPINO.

Pictured at right is cioppino à la Martha Stewart (the felon referenced in the title above; she paid her debt to society [and her investors] for five months in West Virginia and has successfully resumed her career and enjoys a friendship with Snoop Dogg, as you know). Some of the ingredients from Martha's cioppino can be swapped out for local PNW analogs. For the shrimps, pop your head in the freezer for peeled and deveined Fair Trade Shrimp, wild outta Mexico. See also: fresh Manila Clams, Atlantic Scallops, two options for Dungeness Crab (whole crab or pre-picked), and might we recommend True Cod fillets wild out of Alaska?

It's cioppino weather - go with it. The fresh ingredients just mentioned (and the frozen shrimps) take the lead on the fresh seafood list on this, the 8th day of December in the year of our lured 2018.


  • True Cod - wild, Alaska
  • Atlantic Scallops - wild, Massachusetts, drypack (no bleach)
  • Dungeness Crab - wild, California, whole, cooked
  • Dungeness Crab - wild, OR/WA, cooked and picked
  • Manila Clams - sustainable farm-raised, Washington
  • Savory Clams - sustainable farm-raised, Washington
  • Shrimp - peeled & deveined, wild, Mexico, Fair Trade (frozen)
  • Swordfish* - wild, Hawaii
  • Tombo (Albacore Tuna)* - wild, Hawaii,
  • Bigeye Ahi Tuna* - wild, Hawaii PICTURED
  • Rockfish - wild, Oregon
  • Petrale Sole - wild, Oregon
  • Black Cod/Sablefish - wild, Oregon
  • King/Chinook Salmon - sustainable farm-raised, Creative Salmon, BC Canada
  • King/Chinook Salmon - sustainable farm-raised, Ora King Salmon, New Zealand
  • Steelhead - sustainable farm-raised, Washington
  • Mediterranean Mussels - sustainable farm-raised, Washington
  • Branzino - whole fish, sustainable farm-raised, Greece

* - Sushi quality

We've also get a nice grip of our Family Recipe Smoked Fishes - hot off the smoker, all classics: Smoked Chinook Salmon, Smoked Steelhead, Smoked Sablefish/Black Cod, Smoked Albacore Tuna, Smoked Scallops. And sometimes Y.

* * *


Dinner in under 30 minutes

One more plug for the freezer - the one where you'll find the wild, Fair Trade Shrimp from Mexico mentioned several times above. Dig in - there's lotsa good stuff hiding in there, like wild Weathervane Scallops from Alaska. Recommended: melt some butter in a pan, squeeze half a lime into it, plop some scallops in the tasty mixture, no more than three minutes a side. Make some jasmine rice in your rice cooker - half water, half coconut milk (shake well before opening) - mix in some chopped dried apricot about halfway through, serve together with green beans from mom's garden. That's it. Dinner in under 30 minutes.


Your semi-regular shoutout to Portland Monthly for making us an Editor's Pick. (Ed. note: from one editor to another, thanks for the pick.)

If it's good for PDX Monthly, it's good for you. Word! We have nine varieties of oyster at the time of this email. Subject to change.


  • Kumamoto
  • Shigoku
  • Fat Bastard
  • Kusshi
  • Hama Hama
  • Blue Pool
  • Calm Cove
  • Kokus
  • Netarts

Yada yada rotating seasonal dishes, beer, wine, saké, books, cedar planks, market neighbors with pasta, produce, bread, chicken, et cetera.


Christmas is coming; Prime Rib is available. We've got it from both Carman Ranch and Painted Hills: please order ahead! Again, thatGoogle Form (page 1, use "Notes / Comments / Questions" for Prime Rib). Prime Rib. Boom shacka lacka.

That's the special order beef. Here's the beef we have right now ready to roll. Plus pork and lamb. And again, don't forget to look in the freezer for, like, chicken, venison, buffalo, and other weird, wild stuff.


  • Painted Hills, pasture-raised, John Day, OR: bone-in and boneless ribeye
  • Laney Family Farm, pasture-raised, Canby, OR: 85/15 ground beef, flat iron, tri-tip roast, stew meat
  • Carman Ranch, grass-fed, Wallowa Valley, OR: bavette, coulotte, top sirloin


  • Tails & Trotters, Portland, OR: coppa, bacon, bone-in pork chops, spare ribs


  • Reister Farms, Washougal, WA: loin chops, shoulder steaks, ground lamb, spare ribs

Always be on the lookout for Justin the Meat Monger's sausages, meatballs, and the like. Check out the meat case for the latest house-made meat products.


Typical and necessary disclaimer!

1) All of the above is just this week's freshness. Check the freezers for even more fishes and meats!

2) This email was accurate at the time of its weekly(ish) writing. Some products come and go quicker than others, so for best results on the freshness, follow us on the social medias: Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. And tag us in your Instagram pics @flyingfishpdx - we love seeing your food pics!


Lyf Gildersleeve and the Flying Fish Team: Justin, Ryan, Andre, Kevin, Scott, Nic and Brad

* * *


@mscanniebis, we are with you. Some of us are fans of recreational cannabis, and we're happy that you're a fan of our poké. Love makes the world go round, and Annie, it's all love.


Craig Gildersleeve opened Flying Fish Company in Sandpoint, Idaho in 1979 - the year before his son Lyf was born. Lyf, president of Flying Fish Company, has spent his entire life around fish, including an aquaculture education at the Harbor Branch Oceanographic Institute at Florida Atlantic University.

Flying Fish has four locations: Sandpoint, Idaho; Durango, Colorado; Park City, Utah; and Portland, Oregon. The Portland location opened in 2009 as a food cart at the D Street pod on Division Street. In 2011, we opened the fish shack on Hawthorne Boulevard. In 2016, we joined forces with our friends at Providore Fine Foods on Sandy Boulevard, and in 2017, we moved all our operations there. One location, one family, everything you need.

* * *

Thank you for supporting our family-owned business.

- Lyf, Natalie, Juniper, and Miles Gildersleeve

* * *

PHOTO BY NATALIE GILDERSLEEVE PHOTOGRAPHY: Just the Gildersleeve kids and some baby goats, NBD. Goats from Fraga Goat Cheese farm- certified Organic, best goat cheese around!