Locally Owned. Committed to Sustainability and Knowing our Sources.

That's how Flying Fish has operated since we opened in Sandpoint, Idaho in 1979. We're in our eighth year in Portland, with seafood from local fishermen and women, meat from local family farms, and non-local options from only trusted, reputable sources.

We're happy to be a part of the community at Providore Fine Foods in Northeast Portland.

Thank you for your support!

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Sustainable seafood, grass-fed beef, lamb, buffalo, and elk. Local farm eggs. Local chicken. Real wasabi and more!

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Flying Fish & The Meat Monger: 9:30am - 8pm, every day

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Current Fresh List ~ April 19 - 26

* = Sushi grade

*** FRESH FISH ***

Alaska Halibut $$$

Big boys are back - fillets and steaks

Creative King/Chinook Salmon $$$

Certified organic farm, Canada

ORA King/Chinook Salmon $$$

Sustainable farm-raised, New Zealand

Hawaii Bigeye Ahi Tuna* $$$

Cherry red flesh, deep tuna flavor

Hawaii Opah* $$$

Da Moonfish, raw or cooked

Hawaii Tombo* $$$

Albacore Tuna, Hawaii style

Oregon Rockfish $$$

Meaty white fish

Washington Steelhead $$

Melts in your mouth. Sustainably raised

Rainbow Trout $$

Vegetarian fed, McFarland Farms, California

Mediterranean Branzino $$$

Whole fish, 1 lb apiece, from Greece

Striped Bass $$$

Sustainable offshore farm, Mexico


Oregon/Washington Dungeness Crab Meat $$$

Precooked and picked, in a tub to go

Mediterranean Mussels $

Actually grown in Puget Sound, go figure

Atlantic Scallops* $$$

Dry pack, chemical free (Massachusetts)

Manila Clams $


Savory Clams $


Wild Butter Clams $$

Bigger bois, good for soups

Shucked Oysters $$

Heat up the BBQ. Willapa Bay, WA


*Accurate as of 4/19

  • Kokus
  • Kumamoto
  • Shigoku
  • Fat Bastard
  • Virginica
  • Chelsea Gem
  • Hama Hama
  • Blue Pool
  • Olympia
  • Skokomish Sweet
  • Squalli Absch

*** FRESH MEAT ***

* Lots of cuts from lots of sources, read below or stop in for latest

- Fresh Pork:

  • Tails & Trotters - Portland, OR
  • Carman Ranch - Wallowa Valley, OR

- Fresh Beef:

  • Painted Hills - John Day, OR
  • Carman Ranch - Wallowa Valley, OR
  • Laney Family Farms - Canby, OR

- Fresh Chicken:

  • Marion Acres - Hillsboro, OR
  • Totum Farm - Philomath, OR

- Fresh Lamb:

  • Reister Farms - Washougal, WA

- Fresh Eggs:

  • Chicken Scratch - chicken eggs
  • Stones Throw - duck eggs
  • North Coast - quail eggs

- House-made Meat Products:

  • Sausage links
  • Sausage bulk
  • Ground beef bulk
  • Meatballs
  • Etc.

And lots more fish and meat in the freezer.


Let's just go ahead and lead right off with the lil dudes at right: fresh Oregon Bay Shrimp is back! Shrimp meat, cooked, peeled, and ready to eat, baby. Grab a tub to go and see if you can make it home without opening it up. Grab a Gildersleeve family recipe cocktail sauce and that answer gonna be no. And if you do make it home, may we recommend this recipe from Portland Monthly from a few years ago: Dragon Well Green Tea Shrimp. Yer welcome.

Oregon Bay Shrimp, or Pink Shrimp if you like, lead the charge on this crustacean sensation, the shellfishes for your shell dishes...


  • Bay Shrimp - wild, Oregon
  • Manila Clams - sustainable farm-raised, Washington
  • Savory Clams - sustainable farm-raised, Washington
  • Butter Clams - wild, Washington
  • Atlantic Scallops - wild, Massachusetts
  • Dungeness Crab Meat - wild, OR/WA, cooked and picked, ready to eat

Take note of those Wild Butter Clams. They're kinda sorta a NEW PRODUCT ALERT. I think we've had them before but it has been a certifiable New York Minute since we have, so there ya go. Butter Clams are bigger than the usual Manilas and Savories, really good for soups. Have some.

* * *

Speaking of New York Minutes, our Shuck Portland principles and programming are taking us to the Big Apple. We're lending our support to the Billion Oyster Party, a like-minded oyster restoration project in historic New York Harbor. You know, the one with the Statue of Liberty and, like, a tenth of the nation's population. Keep an eye out for more Shuck stuff. Shuck's not just a festival, it's a way of life.

Like, such as: a beach cleanup and tour we've got scheduled for Saturday, June 8th. Mark your calendars and join us for a beach cleanup and tours of an oyster farm and Jacobsen Sea Salt's facility. These are always fun and productive to boot - we hope you can join us. More details and signup soon.

* * *

Now then, back to the freshness! Final reminder: It's Passover, Easter, Earth Day, 4/20. All of the best holidays to bring us all together. Kumbaya.


Boneless Ribeye: it's The Truth

Holiday Meats. Let's talk about em. What you see above is Boneless Ribeye from Painted Hills Natural Beef down in the beautiful Painted Hills. You've been, yes? Highly recommended: camping on the BLM land just past the hills themselves, make yourself a campfire, slap a slab of beef on the sizzle, gaze at yonder stars, have a bottle of wine, listen to the yotes howl. That's livin'. But until then, bring the sizzle home - the forecast is a spring beaut that calls at very least for fire on the back patio. Do it up with Ribeye, bone-in or bone-out. Cowboy or boneless, it's your world.


FRESH BEEF - Painted Hills Natural Beef - John Day, OR

  • Bone-in cowboy cut ribeye
  • Boneless ribeye

FRESH BEEF - Laney Family Farms - Canby, OR

  • Short ribs
  • Ground beef
  • Tri-tip

FRESH BEEF - Carman Ranch Grass-Fed - Wallowa Valley, OR

  • Flank steak
  • Top sirloin
  • Coulotte
  • Bavette
  • Tenderloin

FRESH PORK - Carman Ranch Pasture-Raised Heritage Breed - Wallowa Valley, OR

  • Shanks
  • Roasts
  • Loin chops
  • Pork Belly

FRESH CHICKEN - Mary's Free Range Chicken - Pitman, CA

  • Whole bird
  • Parts (breasts, thighs, legs, wings, etc)

Also: Marion Acres' fantastic pasture-raised Chickens will arrive starting on or about May 13th.


As in MOONFISH, as in OPAH, as in just look at that hunka fish over there. That's a mint & basil chutney for dippin' that gorgeous fish, photo and recipe from Clean & Delicious, a fine place to feed your clean & delicious lifestyle.

It's Opah, and we don't have it all the time, so there's no sense in snoozing when we do. Grab a couple fillets of that Moonfish and get cookin'. It leads our Gang of Hawaiians, which lead our Gang of Freshies altogether. Here they go!


  • Opah (Moonfish)* - wild, Hawaii
  • Tombo (Albacore Tuna)* - wild, Hawaii
  • Bigeye Ahi Tuna* - wild, Hawaii

*As always, the asterisk on the fresh list denotes Sushi Grade.


  • Pacific Halibut - wild, Alaska - meaty fillets, tender cheeks
  • Rockfish - wild, Oregon
  • King/Chinook Salmon - sustainable farm-raised, Ora King Salmon, New Zealand
  • King/Chinook Salmon - sustainable farm-raised, Creative Salmon, Canada
  • Steelhead - sustainable farm-raised, Okanogan Highland, Washington


  • Rainbow Trout - sustainable farm-raised, vegetarian-fed, McFarland Springs, California
  • Branzino - sustainable farm-raised, Greece
  • Striped Bass - sustainable farm-raised, Mexico


Once again, the Nat-Matt photo connection

That dish above is but one that you might find on any given day at Ye Flying Fish Oyster Bar, a a cozy eight-seater with room for you, your guests, and a wild appetite - which we'll feed with rotating dishes like that mussel-bound goodness above with Little T bread and a fancy fresh squeeze of local butter. Smoked fish platters are always on the menu, and the ceviches and pokés change with the seasons and seasonings. Mm hmm

And if you're the type to come to an Oyster Bar looking for Oysters? Have at it, champ.


  • Kokus
  • Kumamoto
  • Shigoku
  • Fat Bastard
  • Virginica
  • Chelsea Gem
  • Hama Hama
  • Blue Pool
  • Olympia
  • Skokomish Sweet
  • Squalli Absch (bless you)

And more. Peace out.


Typical and necessary disclaimer!

1) All of the above is just this week's freshness. Check the freezers for even more fishes and meats!

2) This email was accurate at the time of its weekly(ish) writing. Some products come and go quicker than others, so for best results on the freshness, follow us on the social medias: Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. And tag us in your Instagram pics @flyingfishpdx - we love seeing your food pics!


Lyf Gildersleeve and the Flying Fish Team: CJ, Ryan, Andre, Kevin, Scott, Kyle, Charles and Brad

* * *


Yo check it - Chef Andre is on the Instagram! Double double your re-fresh list and follow our homie @chefandrepdx. That pic right there is geoduck crudo with mango/yuzu vinaigrette.


Craig Gildersleeve opened Flying Fish Company in Sandpoint, Idaho in 1979 - the year before his son Lyf was born. Lyf, president of Flying Fish Company, has spent his entire life around fish, including an aquaculture education at the Harbor Branch Oceanographic Institute at Florida Atlantic University.

Flying Fish has four locations: Sandpoint, Idaho; Durango, Colorado; Park City, Utah; and Portland, Oregon. The Portland location opened in 2009 as a food cart at the D Street pod on Division Street. In 2011, we opened the fish shack on Hawthorne Boulevard. In 2016, we joined forces with our friends at Providore Fine Foods on Sandy Boulevard, and in 2017, we moved all our operations there. One location, one family, everything you need.

* * *

Thank you for supporting our family-owned business.

- Lyf, Natalie, Juniper, and Miles Gildersleeve

* * *

PHOTO BY NATALIE GILDERSLEEVE PHOTOGRAPHY: Them Redwood gals. Mama Natalie, just as good in front of the camera as she is behind it!


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