I've been missing out

Post date: Oct 20, 2009 12:09:09 AM

Fresh meat from a food cart? One-stop shopping for fish, land meat, farm-fresh eggs and more? Sushi-grade flash-frozen or fresh, flown-in fish options? Oh yes. Only in Portland.

Seriously though, I know Flying Fish hasn't been around that long, but since I've just recently started buying meat from this carnivorous, roving box van I feel like I've been missing out.

Flying Fish splits time between two locations - Hawthorne and 50th (Weds-Fri), and Division and 30th (Weekends) - both obviously in SE. The guy who runs this "cart" is plenty nice, and invites you right in to peruse the fridge and freezer stocked full of delectable animals. His fish selection changes often, depending on what's available fresh that day, while the flash-frozen section seems to be fairly consistent - sushi-grade salmon and albacore, scallops, etc. He also had some oysters last time I was in.

His second freezer is stocked with free-range and locally-sourced meats including game like buffalo and venison. The prices are what you'd expect to pay for high-quality meats.

I have recently started bypassing the fish section at my local grocer and making a second stop by Flying Fish when I need something to throw on the grill. Next up I plan to try out his sushi fish for some at-home sashimi.

Oh, and he takes cash AND cards! Woot! I suspect I'll never be short of fun stuff to throw on the grill this summer!

Posted from Yelp 6/06/2011

Don B. The Gluttonista. Portland, OR