An Amazing Place

Post date: Jan 23, 2012 6:14:21 AM

A few weeks ago, an email arrived in my inbox from Flying Fish, telling me all about the fresh and frozen selections. I get this every week, but this one I read closely, trying to see if there was anything that sounded good for dinner that night (I was eating with friends).

Dungeness crab, cod, oysters... tuna. Sushi-grade ahi tuna. Ok, stop everything. I figured out dinner.

I made it to the shop after work and checked out my options. Sure enough, Lyf showed me tuna, even holding it up to the light so I could admire its translucence. I bought some catfish for later - because really, why not? - picked up some veggies from the adjoining farmer's market, and took my spoils home.

The tuna was delicious and the catfish (cooked Vietnamese-style) became one of my best creations yet. There's no simpler way to say it: Flying Fish Company is an amazing place.

Posted from Yelp 1/17/2012

Natalie W.