Why Choose Sustainable?

As a consumer, you have seafood choices. Not all fish and shellfish available in today's markets and restaurants are good choices from an environmental perspective. Populations of seafood vary over time, both naturally and depending on how heavily they are fished. Some are in good shape due in part to good fisheries management, and those are excellent seafood choices.

Why Choose Local?

When you buy local you help sustain a local economy, support endangered family farms, protect the environment since local food doesn't travel far, and help safeguard your family's health. Local food is freshier, healthier, and flat-out tastes better.

Help protect our oceans for future generations

Seafood Watch is one of the best known sustainable seafood advisory lists, and has influenced similar programs around the world. It is best known for developing science-based seafood recommendations that consumers, chefs, and business professionals use to inform their seafood purchasing decisions. Click HERE to check out their recommendations.